Monday, November 29, 2010

We All Exist Because of God's Love and Mercy

If you ever feel the need to critique someone else's religion or belief system, remember this: everything exists because of God's Love and Mercy. Over billions of years since the creation of the physical universe from God's formless beingness, we have come a long way. The first creatures to walk the earth were giant dinosaurs, whose state of consciousness and self-awareness was primitive compared to ours today. But, it was the correct form of consciousness for newly manifested souls in a harsh world. Over time, a millenia, which is insignificant in the cosmic scheme of things, higher forms of life developed, warm-blooded creatures, mammals, birds. As souls learned to handle the God Power within from which it came, higher life forms developed to coincide with the greater awareness of itself. As far as we know, humans beings are the highest form of life for a soul to manifest.

As you speed down the highway, passing thousands of other cars occupied by humans of all shapes, sizes like ourselves, think about how far we have taken this human form of existence in just the last 100 years. Faster and faster we go. More tight do we make our schedules. Farther do we travel in a single week taking care of out affairs than humans traveled in a complete lifetime just 150 years ago.

Where am I going with this? just a reminder that it matters not what religion you belong to, for we are all cut from the same cloth. It matters not the name given to the source of all power, creation and sustenance, for it all comes from the same source. Mankind's many holy books are but different patches on the same quilt, and like a quilt it takes many different patches to make one blanket. The words used by different religions to convey the real and only truth are all said using the same air that we all breathe. The smile of a muslim child is just as pleasing to experience as the smile of a Christian, a Hindu or Buddhist. What matters more is the purity of it than the religion of the parents.

Everything exists because of God's Love and Mercy.

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