Monday, September 28, 2009

Wasting Work Time

Right now, I'm wasting time
Spilling my brains on my pad
Spelling, diddling nothing particular
Open you time, take your money.
Give to the man, take it away.
Little bit gets done, not outdone.
My brain is shifting and drifting
Thinking of my bills, not doing what
I'm paid to do. Writing this stuff
Leaving it for later.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Code Blocks

Programming hard blocks
finding reuse, hidden code
my brain is blocked
my mind is melded into the computer

the computer does not care about me
it was created by someone to execute tasks
that person is long gone
I am left to struggle with the logic
my mind longs to understand it all

my computer wants perfect syntax
why does it not ask "did you mean...?"
Like google who knows what I meant.
Don't play dumb with me.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

If Lincoln Never Fought the Civil War

One day I woke up from a dream that felt more like a realization of an alternate history of the world. In it, the United States allowed the Confederate States of America to Secede from the Union. Fast forward through history to World War II. The Confederate States of America side with Nazi Germany as well as South Africa which practices Apartheid. Given this new balance of power, Nazi Germany survives. Blacks in the Confederate States never get full rights as citizens. South Africa is more powerful. The world is completely different all because Lincoln did not fight and win the American Civil War. There are two Americas, one sides with the Nazi and believe in white supremacy, the other is run by liberal intellectuals and is not powerful enough to fight off the combined forces of Nazi Germany and the Confederates which are natural allies joined by a belief in the inferiority of other race of humans.

Most of Europe falls under the Axis power control and stays there. The Soviet Union, also an ally of the Confederate states, comes to an agreement with the Axis powers that preserve them from war with Germany. Canada, the remaining United States and Britain stand alone against these powerful countries. The mainland of the United Stated experiences many of the same kind of bombing in its Eastern cities as London saw in WWII in this reality. Unable to defeat us, we all learn to co-exist in a world with Nazi's, slavery, apartheid, Communism, Fascism, and oppression and there is no one free country big and strong enough to force an unconditional surrender on either side. The whole world become prone to conquest and colonial rule into the modern era.

African countries, South American countries are exploited by one side or the other by use of money or force. Whichever is more expedient.

So, treaties are signed. Agreements are made. Demilitarized zones are created. Armies are kept on alert like it is between North and South Korea in this reality.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Would I want to Win the Mega Millions?

I went to my local 7-Eleven last night and asked the foreign worker behind the counter if it was too late to buy the Super Lotto ticket? He misunderstood me, but like I see all too often, instead of asking me what? He, made some kind of assumption and asked me some irrelevant question about the Virginia lotto. So, I asked him again. Is it too late to buy the super lotto with the $325 Million dollar prize?? Finally, the light went on and he said I can still buy it tonight for the big prize.

So, I bought a Mega Millions ticket as it is really called. Forgive me for not knowing the name of the jackpot, I never buy lottery tickets. I know I am not going to win. But, what is $1 for the chance to win $325,000,000.00 in return? The numbers on my ticket are 03 33 45 46 53 and MegaBall 42. The only time I buy a ticket like this, is when it makes the news more than once because of the size of the potential winnings. If no one wins, or has won since I have not checked the numbers yet, the prize goes up to like $442,000,000 making it the BIGGEST in HISTORY!!! INFLATION.

Someone let me know if I'm a millionaire yet?

Anyway, I was taking a walk this morning alone (I started with Susie, but she was walking too fast, so I detoured into my own route), and I started thinking of what an upheaval my life would go through if I were to win such a huge prize. The balance would all be lost. A new state of balance would have to be found. I certainly could not win that amount of money and expect to live my life the way I live it now! Yesterday, I was watching a show called Dr. G, about this forensic doctor that tries to find out the cause of unexplained deaths. In it, a young lady of normal weight and no apparent heart conditions, died inexplicably. In the end, her cause of death was that she started to take birth control pills and she smoked. Dr. G explained that our body has a fine balance between blood clotting to prevent bleeding to death from a cut and non-clotting to prevent clotting of the arteries and heart and lungs. It maintains this fine balance on its own. Apparently, the birth control pills upset the fine balance and increased the clotting properties of her blood. It lead to a blocking of a lung artery and her brain went dead, her body soon followed all because the fine natural balance was upset by the introduction of the birth control pills and the smoking did not help the situation. So, I thought on my walk how my life is finely balanced between working, paying bills, rent expenses, rental income, Susie doing housework, me thinking of ways that I can increase cash flow through various means, all legal. How would all that balance be upset if I were to win the lottery? OMG, it would be completely upset. I'm not sure I want that kind of upheaval. Can I handle it? I think I can. Would it take time. I'd say. Would I go in a spending spree. Yes, but not in a crazy way. What about all the leeches that would come out of the woodwork, non-profits, etc all wanting a piece of the action? It may easily consume all my private time and all that balance that I have been trying to keep in my life.

Now I know why the superrich live apart from the masses. So, they can find peace and balance in their life.

Here is to knowing I did not win. It is not my lot in life to win the lottery. But let me check the numbers just in case. :-)

Friday, April 03, 2009

Money Making Webinars Involving Real Estate

Want to make money with Real Estate? Well, you've come to the right place. I have heard of numerous ways from numerous practitioners in the field of how to find the right niche that works for you!

I am going to summarize a few of them here for your reading pleasure and possible pursuit to perfection.

Land For Pennnies

Land For Pennies is the first one that caught my interest. I actually attended a seminar in Phoenix Arizona to hear it from the guru himself, Jack Bosch. The idea is very simple and possibly very profitable.

Here is the quick rundown:
1. Contact the tax office in a county your are interested in (try to stay at about 1-2 hours drive away from a major city).
3. Get them to give you an electronic copy of ANYONE who is late in paying their taxes.
4. Take the list and whittle it down to just the landowners that don't have mortgage (own it free and clear) and that live out of state or not near the property.
5. Mail a letter to those owners and offer to buy their land.
6. Wait for the phone calls (about 5-15% response rate expected).
7. Find out if they own it free and clear, how much they want, how long they owned it (the longer the better). Hang up.
9. Do your due diligence to find out if there are any liens, etc.
8. Mail them a low offer anywhere from 5-25% of the market value.
9. If you get an offer signed and returned, close on it.
10. Sell it for about 50% of market value for cash on eBay, or other online ad.
11. Or sell it for full market value using owner financing for steady income or cash flow.

Why it works. Many of these owners do not have an emotional attachment to the property, they might have inherited it. They might have had plans years ago. They might have tried to sell it years ago. They are tired of just paying taxes on it every year. They are ready to let it go for pennies on the dollar.

That is it for one way of making money with real estate. I'll write other ways I heard of in future blogs.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Late Night Ramblings. Money, Politics.

It's 1:10am Sunday night and I am having trouble sleeping. So, I thought maybe I'll just go and create this blog to see what comes out.

Politics and money
I have been reading articles about how the Fed for the first time in history is buying Treasury bonds to help finance the huge federal deficit. This is truly an amazing event. Because they announced that they are going to buy 1Trillion dollars worth of US Government Ttreasury notes. Where are they getting the money? They are just going to print it. What does this mean? It means that they are going to create a lot of inflation.  Where before China and Japan bought most US treasury bonds from the excess amount of money they generated from the positive balance of trade with the US, now we are spending the money and just printing more from thin air. No goods had to be produced, no services had to be rendered, no savings had to accumulated. Nothing. All we are doing is printing the money to finance our own debt. Since we now owe it to the Federal Reserve, instead of another country or investors, the USA will probably never have to pay it back. How do you think that make those other countries feel that have worked so hard to generate enough legitimate income to be able to buy trillions of dollars in US Savings Bonds and treasury notes? China just announced that they are worried about depreciation of their investments. Wouldn't you be if you paid $2000 of your money you earned with hard work and sweat, and then someone else comes in and buys the same thing with $2000 in counterfeit money that they just printed up in their garage. And before you know it, more and more of this funny money shows up in circulation where it gets to the point that stores no longer think it is worth as much, so they start raising prices because the money is too plentiful and everyone has some from the printing presses (the govt).  So, they raise the prices way up to soak up all the easy money that is in circulation. So, the next time you go back to buy another item for $2000 of your hard-earned money, you find out they are charging $10,000 for the same item. And the government is still buying it up at the higher price because all they have to do is run the printers 24/7 and pay whatever Sam Goody is charging!

So, you are left in the poorhouse even though you make the same amount of money you made the year before. That's called hyperinflation, and it just might happen to us because of what the Fed is doing.  So, hold on to your Real Estate investments, Gold or foreign currency where they don't print money just to pay bills.

Check out the articles in this website:

SO, this binrgs me to a great new idea I thought of. Since we are now just printing money to finance the Federal Governemnt spending and deficit, then why don't we just take the taxpayer completely out of the loop?  Think about it, the whole Federal budget could be financed with printed money. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, elsewhere. The stimulus package. The huge beareaucracy. Everthing! The whole enchilada. Just print the money and keep us hardworking taxpayers out of the loop since most of us don't really support all this spending anyway. Remove all taxation. Who needs it?  We can just print our way out of this. And as long as the world still believes that the greenback is worth something, and most third world countries certainly do as well as the developed world at this point, the populace can be lifted of the burden of taxation. If this were done, we would not need a stimulus package since we would have so much more money to spend on our own.  It is the least they could do for us in case the hyperinflation occurs as predicted by many.

Let's end taxes. Who needs it? Just Print the Money!