Thursday, June 21, 2007

Diet Must Matter

There is a guy here at work named Hartman that just had a heart attack while on vacation. He's in the hospital getting a balloon put it. Today, those are all unremarkable facts. But here is an interesting aspect to the story. He is an avid bicycler. He says he was in the Olympic biking team in 1984. He lives in Rockville and occasionally rides his bike to work on Fridays 25 miles each way. He enters races where they routinely race 60 miles in a day. So, how can one that exercises that much get a heart attack at the age of 49? Well, maybe it's the fact that he goes to McDonald's for lunch every single day! That's right, every day he goes off to Micky D's and eats alone and reads a book while eating that gar-boj.

So, the lesson here is diet matters, even if you exercise or are skinny.

Peace, and don't forget to use olive oil in your diet!