Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some Neat Links

Sometimes has some really cool links. If you think you are a good cake maker, check out these Russian cakes:
Intricate Russian Cakes

I also love to see the latest headlines of real news as made up by users of

My best friend growing up in Philly was Ukrainian. His dad made the most awesome intricate Easter eggs around. Check out this site of some of the design types I remember growing up seeing. Or learn how to make them yourself.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Leading Noise Hitchhiker

On my way to the Nestled Pines Chalet to finalize the hot tub installation, I picked up a native American hitchhiker on I-70. He looked like a classic American Indian from a reservation. A big guy with two very long braided pigtails and few randomly missing teeth in the front due, I'm sure, to the poor conditions of life on an Indian Reservation. Here is a summary of what I found out about him while we rode together for about 20 miles:
  • He is from the Munsee Delaware tribe
  • he is hitchhiking from Miami back to Detroit, his home, because he split up with his girlfriend.
  • In Miami, he was mostly picked up by Spanish speaking people and they assumed he spoke Spanish too. He would just say to them "no Indio" to let them know he is "Indian".
  • he was working as a laborer for peanuts (around $7/hour).
  • I told him about how local community colleges can teach you Construction Trades and he could learn to be a plumber, HVAC, carpenter, etc... And I'm sure he could get financial aid.
  • His 'Indian Name' is Leading Noise. He's not sure why but maybe it was because he made a lot of noise when he came into the world.

Before I dropped him off at the I70/I-68 split I gave him a roll of Ritz crackers and couple of bucks to help him along his way with a reminder to check out the Community college when he gets back. He was appreciative and happy to see the I-68 split only 1/2 mile away and said he will check out the college courses.

I'll get back to the hot tub when I get more pictures ready.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pero Mira Que Cosa Tiene Ese Muchacho!

Estoy trabajando y practicando mi espanol. Hasta luego muchachitos y muchachitas.

After talking with the deck guy. It would cost too much to reinforce the front deck for the hot tub. Also, the electric setup would be a lot more expensive since it is so far from the electric panel. So, the hot tub will now go on a specially built platform in the back of the house under the back deck on the slab. This has the advantages of being closer to the electric panel, and since there is a bathroom in the basement, it is more convenient to dry off or wash before and after the hot tub use if needed.

Did I mention it has 44 jets, seats six people and has mood lighting? NPC

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hot tub Placement

Drove to Berkeley Springs to check out placement for the Hot Tub coming this Thursday. I stopped at Home Depot to get some pavers I thought of putting under the hot tub. The guy convinced me that is a bad idea. The pavers may break apart under the exteme weight of a hot tub. So, I just bought 15 of them and will probably use them at home in the back. I decided that the best place for the hot tub will be on the front deck. I hope to get it reinforced before then!

Here is a shout out to Sammie, Enoch's brother. Michelle, for success on her fairly new blogger blog, and all the other bloggers on her site.

Peace out.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Starting out simple. Today I ate leftover pizza for lunch that I made with whole wheat pizza dough I bought at Trader Joe's last week. It's Good Friday the 6th (not to be confused with Bad Friday the 13th which is next week!)

Plans for next week include installation of a Hot Tub at the Nestled Pines chalet I am still not sure whether to put in on the Front deck in front of the screen porch or below the back deck outside the basement. Anyone who has a suggestion on this topic is welcome. More pictures here:

last night I Picked up the Bible and read Genesis. I can't believe this is taken literally by so many people. I will continue reading it, I'm sure it gets better. (Born Again note: don't read too much into this). I was thinking about Cat Stevens (now known as Yusuf Islam), who converted to Islam while he was at the top of his pop music career. I saw an article once where he said when he read the Quran he thought it was so beautuful that it must be of God. That caused him to convert. That's what got me going on picking up the Bible. Although, I'd like to see what he was talking about with the other book.

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