Saturday, August 29, 2009

Would I want to Win the Mega Millions?

I went to my local 7-Eleven last night and asked the foreign worker behind the counter if it was too late to buy the Super Lotto ticket? He misunderstood me, but like I see all too often, instead of asking me what? He, made some kind of assumption and asked me some irrelevant question about the Virginia lotto. So, I asked him again. Is it too late to buy the super lotto with the $325 Million dollar prize?? Finally, the light went on and he said I can still buy it tonight for the big prize.

So, I bought a Mega Millions ticket as it is really called. Forgive me for not knowing the name of the jackpot, I never buy lottery tickets. I know I am not going to win. But, what is $1 for the chance to win $325,000,000.00 in return? The numbers on my ticket are 03 33 45 46 53 and MegaBall 42. The only time I buy a ticket like this, is when it makes the news more than once because of the size of the potential winnings. If no one wins, or has won since I have not checked the numbers yet, the prize goes up to like $442,000,000 making it the BIGGEST in HISTORY!!! INFLATION.

Someone let me know if I'm a millionaire yet?

Anyway, I was taking a walk this morning alone (I started with Susie, but she was walking too fast, so I detoured into my own route), and I started thinking of what an upheaval my life would go through if I were to win such a huge prize. The balance would all be lost. A new state of balance would have to be found. I certainly could not win that amount of money and expect to live my life the way I live it now! Yesterday, I was watching a show called Dr. G, about this forensic doctor that tries to find out the cause of unexplained deaths. In it, a young lady of normal weight and no apparent heart conditions, died inexplicably. In the end, her cause of death was that she started to take birth control pills and she smoked. Dr. G explained that our body has a fine balance between blood clotting to prevent bleeding to death from a cut and non-clotting to prevent clotting of the arteries and heart and lungs. It maintains this fine balance on its own. Apparently, the birth control pills upset the fine balance and increased the clotting properties of her blood. It lead to a blocking of a lung artery and her brain went dead, her body soon followed all because the fine natural balance was upset by the introduction of the birth control pills and the smoking did not help the situation. So, I thought on my walk how my life is finely balanced between working, paying bills, rent expenses, rental income, Susie doing housework, me thinking of ways that I can increase cash flow through various means, all legal. How would all that balance be upset if I were to win the lottery? OMG, it would be completely upset. I'm not sure I want that kind of upheaval. Can I handle it? I think I can. Would it take time. I'd say. Would I go in a spending spree. Yes, but not in a crazy way. What about all the leeches that would come out of the woodwork, non-profits, etc all wanting a piece of the action? It may easily consume all my private time and all that balance that I have been trying to keep in my life.

Now I know why the superrich live apart from the masses. So, they can find peace and balance in their life.

Here is to knowing I did not win. It is not my lot in life to win the lottery. But let me check the numbers just in case. :-)