Friday, July 22, 2011



Procrastination is the cause of many a failures.
It means to put off something important for something not so.
It wastes time on Facebook, Netflix, Television and radio.
They all want our attention, our time our precious moments.
Yet you have your own agenda. Things needing to be done.
Things that need to be ended. Things that need to be started.
Jobs that you plan on doing, but haven't taken that first step.
Why? Why? Why? Why procrastination of course.
So much can be done with your life if you just plan it.
Schedule it. Start it. Follow through with it. And Do it!

But, relationships have lasted longer than they should.
Jobs have taken longer than they could have.
Money was not made from a great business plan,
Because the plan was left in your brain.
The plan was not thought through.
The plan was not developed properly.
Why? Why? Why? Why else? Procrastination!

How to organize a disorganized mind?
How to do what you plan to get done?
How to clean your environment and
accept the rewards of accomplishment?
It all could be so easy, so wonderful,
If only you did not cave to the siren call,
The siren call of entertainment of the mind.
The siren call of streaming video,
The siren call of flat panel hi-def!
The siren call of surfing the Internet.
All are but candy for the cerebellum.
Rock and roll for the mindless.
Energy and time wasters for your life.
The life that you are now living.
The life that requires attention.
Yes, that life. The only life you currently are subscribed to.
The life you have to live.

So, detach yourself from the Television
Tear away from the monitor,
Shut down the hard drive
Look around you.
Notice the needs that have been ignored.
Notice the floors, the walls, the driveway,
The shelves full of books.
Notice the many undone things that have fallen into disrepair.

Turn your attention toward those plans you had.
Follow through on the productive tasks
Finish paying the bills, cleaning and organizing your desk.
Cleaning your rooms. Reading those books.

At least attempt to perform the tasks needed
To start that new income stream you thought about.
You know what it is? You're clever. Just start like you did before.
Come back in a year. Let me know what has changed.
If nothing, then procrastination still reigns.


Fab said...

Yup. It's always my weakness. Time's up!

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