Sunday, November 14, 2010



It is the currency of the smart-aleck.
The M-O of the witty
and the bane of the humble.
Many assume a superior stance
Using sarcasm as an uppity prance
Only to find there is no one to dance
For sarcasm has pierced its sharp lance
Into the heart of the feeling, the timid and powerful.
Leaving only isolation for the witty,
Loneliness for the smart-aleck
And self-importance for the unfeeling.

So, what is the solution?
Just talk like a person.
Leave the wit to rest.
Be predictable in words
And move up in career,
Improve the homefront,
Find solace in the moment.

For sarcasm is Greek
Based on Sarcazo.
It means to tear flesh.
It's meant to be mean.
Whether said in jest
Or jested in anger.
Its intent is to harm
To maim with its words
Sure you’re just kidding
But not everyone gets it.
Not all are in tune.
It’s not a problem of wavelength
So, learn to be caring
Lord sakes they don’t get it!
While youre slaying them with humor
Your stunting your growth
career ladder is splattered.
Your role as a human, a worker, a man
Is not helped by an attitude
That appeals to the hunter
After its prey
reveling in the kill
Like a matador in a pen
The bull has no escape
Except to strike back.

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