Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Dichotomy of Existence

Science tells us how unbelievably complex life is.  How everything is made up of atoms which cannot be seen.  Held together by mysterious forces unexplainable but measurable on some level.  It tells us of the miracle of the universe, the immensity of the sun, solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, romantically named for the way the stars within this galaxy looks on a clear night away from city lights.  Yes, and how small we are on this tiny orb in space circling the sun, our star, on the edge of the milky way galaxy, made of 100 billion such stars like the sun. Science is now discovering that most stars also have planets circling them just like the sun! And yet this cluster of stars making up our Milky Way galaxy, is but one cluster in a neighborhood of other cluster of stars like this "Milky Way" with one of our nearest neighbors being the whimsically named Andromeda galaxy, our brother or sister galaxy a mere 1,000,000 light years away. A short distance in universe proportions. Since our galaxy is about 100,000 light years from end to end, that makes the Andromeda only 10 lengths away from us.  Short enough for us to yell HELLO! Additionally, science tells us that the universe as we know it today, is expanding and every galaxy is pulling away from every other galaxy.  It tells us how fortunate we are to live in the present epoch, because one day, all the galaxies will eventually be so far away from each other, that every creature in every galaxy will think it is alone in the universe!

But yet, as amazing as all these facts are to the mind, it seems that as humans we really care more about such things as how we look.  How we age.  What we feel.  What others think of us. Raising a family. Making those close to us happy.  It's amazing that we age and our skin shows it.  Because everyone's outer skin replaces itself every 30 days or so, science tells us.  But, somehow those that are over 60 have a leathery aged stretchy look to their skin, while teenagers have a smooth healthful look which they do not fully appreciate until they too age.

My point, is that the science behind our physical  reality is not all  that important, except to appreciate the love, mercy and power behind it to create this universe for us and allow us to believe in it's solidity for as long as it takes to understand the real purpose for our existence.  That is to understand love, humanity, peacefulness within, harmony with our fellow man, shared joy and happiness.  Yes, science, there is a purpose to life and it is not to figure out how the Wizard created the illusion, but to learn to be a better man, woman, person in the eyes of our creator.  Not for its sake, but for our own sake, which is its sake.

The next time you go to Panera, or the post office, a park bench, or are even sitting in a traffic jam, take a step back with your mind, and enjoy the life you are living and know that we are all in the same boat and are all sharing the same existence in our own way.  And for God's sake, smile at each other,  it's not science!

Friday, July 22, 2011



Procrastination is the cause of many a failures.
It means to put off something important for something not so.
It wastes time on Facebook, Netflix, Television and radio.
They all want our attention, our time our precious moments.
Yet you have your own agenda. Things needing to be done.
Things that need to be ended. Things that need to be started.
Jobs that you plan on doing, but haven't taken that first step.
Why? Why? Why? Why procrastination of course.
So much can be done with your life if you just plan it.
Schedule it. Start it. Follow through with it. And Do it!

But, relationships have lasted longer than they should.
Jobs have taken longer than they could have.
Money was not made from a great business plan,
Because the plan was left in your brain.
The plan was not thought through.
The plan was not developed properly.
Why? Why? Why? Why else? Procrastination!

How to organize a disorganized mind?
How to do what you plan to get done?
How to clean your environment and
accept the rewards of accomplishment?
It all could be so easy, so wonderful,
If only you did not cave to the siren call,
The siren call of entertainment of the mind.
The siren call of streaming video,
The siren call of flat panel hi-def!
The siren call of surfing the Internet.
All are but candy for the cerebellum.
Rock and roll for the mindless.
Energy and time wasters for your life.
The life that you are now living.
The life that requires attention.
Yes, that life. The only life you currently are subscribed to.
The life you have to live.

So, detach yourself from the Television
Tear away from the monitor,
Shut down the hard drive
Look around you.
Notice the needs that have been ignored.
Notice the floors, the walls, the driveway,
The shelves full of books.
Notice the many undone things that have fallen into disrepair.

Turn your attention toward those plans you had.
Follow through on the productive tasks
Finish paying the bills, cleaning and organizing your desk.
Cleaning your rooms. Reading those books.

At least attempt to perform the tasks needed
To start that new income stream you thought about.
You know what it is? You're clever. Just start like you did before.
Come back in a year. Let me know what has changed.
If nothing, then procrastination still reigns.

Monday, November 29, 2010

We All Exist Because of God's Love and Mercy

If you ever feel the need to critique someone else's religion or belief system, remember this: everything exists because of God's Love and Mercy. Over billions of years since the creation of the physical universe from God's formless beingness, we have come a long way. The first creatures to walk the earth were giant dinosaurs, whose state of consciousness and self-awareness was primitive compared to ours today. But, it was the correct form of consciousness for newly manifested souls in a harsh world. Over time, a millenia, which is insignificant in the cosmic scheme of things, higher forms of life developed, warm-blooded creatures, mammals, birds. As souls learned to handle the God Power within from which it came, higher life forms developed to coincide with the greater awareness of itself. As far as we know, humans beings are the highest form of life for a soul to manifest.

As you speed down the highway, passing thousands of other cars occupied by humans of all shapes, sizes like ourselves, think about how far we have taken this human form of existence in just the last 100 years. Faster and faster we go. More tight do we make our schedules. Farther do we travel in a single week taking care of out affairs than humans traveled in a complete lifetime just 150 years ago.

Where am I going with this? just a reminder that it matters not what religion you belong to, for we are all cut from the same cloth. It matters not the name given to the source of all power, creation and sustenance, for it all comes from the same source. Mankind's many holy books are but different patches on the same quilt, and like a quilt it takes many different patches to make one blanket. The words used by different religions to convey the real and only truth are all said using the same air that we all breathe. The smile of a muslim child is just as pleasing to experience as the smile of a Christian, a Hindu or Buddhist. What matters more is the purity of it than the religion of the parents.

Everything exists because of God's Love and Mercy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010



It is the currency of the smart-aleck.
The M-O of the witty
and the bane of the humble.
Many assume a superior stance
Using sarcasm as an uppity prance
Only to find there is no one to dance
For sarcasm has pierced its sharp lance
Into the heart of the feeling, the timid and powerful.
Leaving only isolation for the witty,
Loneliness for the smart-aleck
And self-importance for the unfeeling.

So, what is the solution?
Just talk like a person.
Leave the wit to rest.
Be predictable in words
And move up in career,
Improve the homefront,
Find solace in the moment.

For sarcasm is Greek
Based on Sarcazo.
It means to tear flesh.
It's meant to be mean.
Whether said in jest
Or jested in anger.
Its intent is to harm
To maim with its words
Sure you’re just kidding
But not everyone gets it.
Not all are in tune.
It’s not a problem of wavelength
So, learn to be caring
Lord sakes they don’t get it!
While youre slaying them with humor
Your stunting your growth
career ladder is splattered.
Your role as a human, a worker, a man
Is not helped by an attitude
That appeals to the hunter
After its prey
reveling in the kill
Like a matador in a pen
The bull has no escape
Except to strike back.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It's Just a Pill

It’s just a pill she said
Nothing more, that’s all,
Like iPhone is just a phone
And like Maserrati is just a car.
Understatement unbeknownst
If all is only than none if morely
Heroin is just powder
Like talcum
Weed is just a plant
Like a rose.
Bullets are just lead
Like a pencil, harmless.
And anacin is acid
Acid asperin.
It’s just a pill, that’s all

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wasting Work Time

Right now, I'm wasting time
Spilling my brains on my pad
Spelling, diddling nothing particular
Open you time, take your money.
Give to the man, take it away.
Little bit gets done, not outdone.
My brain is shifting and drifting
Thinking of my bills, not doing what
I'm paid to do. Writing this stuff
Leaving it for later.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Code Blocks

Programming hard blocks
finding reuse, hidden code
my brain is blocked
my mind is melded into the computer

the computer does not care about me
it was created by someone to execute tasks
that person is long gone
I am left to struggle with the logic
my mind longs to understand it all

my computer wants perfect syntax
why does it not ask "did you mean...?"
Like google who knows what I meant.
Don't play dumb with me.